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Skype away! Watch and learn how to video-chat

If you have grandchildren you see infrequently, if you need a dressing-room consult with a friend before you buy a pair or jeans, or if you're just tired of paying your long-distance phone bill — you might want to consider a video chat service like Skype instead of calling the old-fashioned way. 

While many of us know what Skype is, it's tough to know how to get started with this VoIP service (that stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol — you just learned your first lesson). So, as part of Kathie Lee and Hoda's "Boomtastic" series, I stopped by TODAY to talk about Skype, FaceTime, and animated GIFs, all tech topics that many "boomers" are a little unsure about. 

Watch video: Carley Knoblach explains SKype, FaceTime and GIFs.

And because you guys were eager to learn more, I decided to do an in-depth tutorial to help get you set up on Skype. You'll be making your first video call in no time! 

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