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Skateboarding 'Suits' star Gabriel Macht takes a tumble on TODAY

On legal drama "Suits," Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams play oh-so-serious lawyers, but during their TODAY visit Thursday, they proved they were not above slapstick humor ... or one hilarious pratfall.

It turns out that the actors film on a Toronto set so large that they get around on skateboards, and a video showed Macht acing a curve. Alas, given the opportunity on TODAY to show off his skills, he went for funny instead, stepping on a show-provided board and ... immediately fell on his backside.

"You gave me a faulty skateboard?" he jokingly accused. 


In addition to skateboarding, Macht's talents include his "eyebrow wave," a move that dazzled the anchors. He joked it was on his resume under "special skills." 


But there were other laughs during the interview, when the actors were asked if they're friends off-camera.

"We can't stand each other," joked Adams, looking intense as Macht shook his head in the negative. "No, we're starting to get along now after four years. ... Just a bit."

"His ego is the size of Florida," Macht said. "It's terrible!"

Adams kept the giggles coming when talking about his new project, NBC's "Rosemary's Baby," which airs its finale Thursday night. "Do you know what happens?" he teased the anchors. "A baby is born. ... It is a devil baby, I think. Spoiler alert! I blew it!"

"Suits" returns to the USA Network with a new season on June 11, and "Rosemary's Baby" concludes on NBC at 9 pm.