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Six take the stage as the finale looms on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Okay, I'm recapping from the TCAs and watching this on a teensy computer screen, so if I describe a performance as "blurry," well, that just means I've forgotten myself. But let's get started! Times are EST, not PST, even though I'm PST. Well, you get it. 

8:02 Christina Applegate is our guest judge. She's been dancing since she was 3. And then gave it up when she got pregnant. Quitter. Just kidding. I think she'll have some insights. But I always want to believe in the guest judges and I'm so often disappointed.

8:04 Lots of nattering on about National Dance Day or whatever it is. It's all very inspiring. But I want to see the top six perform instead of watch fuzzy home video of random people attempting to be coordinated. Call me crazy. 

8:06 It's a NappyTabs routine with Twitch and Melanie It's a Little Red Riding Hood theme. My God, is there nothing Melanie can't do? She's on point. But I'm going to be nitpicky. I liked, but didn't love it. 

8:10 I'd love to tell you what the judges said, but the WiFi blew out. This is what happens when you try to work in a hotel.

8:18 Sasha dances with Kent. I'll admit it, I love watching Sasha. She brings such emotion to everything she does, and you see it in every muscle. Even when she isn't technically perfect, she makes up for it with personality and plain commitment. I liked this a lot. Beautiful work, and so raw, But then, I have a hard time judging Sasha.

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