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Six reasons to get excited about Louis C.K.'s return to 'Saturday Night Live'

Louis C.K. will once again host "Saturday Night Live," and that's a something to get excited about.

He's baaaaack! Or at least, he will be soon. Comedian Louis C.K. is returning to "Saturday Night Live" this weekend for his second time as host, and for fans of the funnyman — and those who just enjoy big laughs — that's good news.

The "Louie" star's history with the show goes back way beyond his prior hosting duties. He was also responsible for good times on the sketch show before he was such a familiar face. And that's just one of the reasons why we're so excited to see him come back to "SNL."

'Saturday TV Funhouse'
In the 1990s, C.K. joined longtime "SNL" writer Robert Smigel to contribute to Smigel's recurring animated bit "Saturday TV Funhouse." He co-wrote 15 of the retro-looking and always-biting shorts, including some of the most memorable "Funhouse" clips to date, like "The Real Peanuts Christmas" sendup from 2002.

Nothing is off limits
C.K. has the ability to make anything laugh-worthy — even things that really shouldn't be funny. Punching a dog? Not funny … or legal or even remotely advisable. That is unless you've got a really good reason, like, say, trying to save the dog's life and, of course, a particular gift for retelling the story with panache.

When C.K. performs on the small screen, it's always worth a look. At least that seems to be the opinion of the voting bodies behind the some of the biggest TV awards. In 2013 alone, the comedian and the shows he worked on were nominated for Golden Globes, Peabodys, Writer's Guild awards, Primetime Emmys and more. Over the course of his career, C.K. has received 25 Emmy nominations, and last year, he took the award for outstanding writing for his HBO special, "Oh My God."

Last time…
In fact, C.K. even got an Emmy nom for outstanding guest actor in a comedy series for the last time he hosted "SNL." And if that episode is anything to go by, this Saturday really will be must-see TV.

Beat the 'Louie' blues
Fans of C.K.'s FX series "Louie" have a whole new season of the show to look forward to, but they also have a wait ahead of them. Season four of the "fictionalized autobiographical" dramedy won't kick off until May.

That means C.K.'s upcoming "SNL" gig will be the next (and possibly only) opportunity to get to see his signature humor before then.

Just a tease
And if all of that wasn't reason enough to get excited about his "Saturday Night Live" visit, this this promo he filmed with senior cast member Kenan Thompson must be:

Catch Louis C.K. and musical guest Sam Smith on "Saturday Night Live" on March 29 at 11:30 on NBC.