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'Sister Wives' plus one? Kody Brown reveals whether he wants a fifth wife

The Brown family, from left, Christine, Meri, Janelle, Robyn and Kody.

Kody Brown and his four brides aren't the only polygamists on TLC anymore. The network showed off an even bigger bunch on a recent special called "My Five Wives" — where the title says it all. But is there any chance the "Sister Wives" gang could catch up?

That's what NBC's Tamron Hall wondered during Sunday night's "Sister Wives Tell All" special, so she asked Kody, point blank, if he was ready to find a fifth wife.

"I think that we're a very functional family," he said, evading the question at first.

"Are you going to get a fifth wife?!" asked wife No. 3, Christine, when she sensed his hesitancy. "I'm, like, nervous now."

Kody joked that he just might do it if it would "push some buttons with Christine," but then he got serious.

"No, I'm not interested in a fifth wife," he said, before explaining that that's not exactly a firm "no." "Here's the thing you need to understand: I'm not interested in a fifth wife, and we don't go looking for it."


"I wasn't looking when I met Robyn," he added of wife No. 4.

And viewers know how that turned out.

One thing is for sure. If there's a woman out there pining to be Kody's one-and-only No. 5, she shouldn't just walk up and offer to fill the position.

During the show, Kody's first wife, Meri, tweeted a warning to that effect.



Still, there is a wedding in the works — sort of. While Kody isn't planning to marry anyone else (for now), he and all his current wives are planning a recommitment ceremony in the near future.