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'Sister Wives' husband: Four wives are enough ... for now

The first season of “Sister Wives” focused on Kody Brown and his three wives making room in their home and hearts for a fourth bride, but fans of the docu-series shouldn’t expect a similar family-expanding theme in the show’s upcoming season.

“Right now, we kind of feel like four is enough,” Kody explained during an interview on TODAY. “It was 15 years from the time that I married (wife number three) Christine and the time I married Robin -- or 16 years by the time I married Robin. I’m not the marrying man.”

That’s right. The man with four wives, 13 kids and three stepchildren insists that despite his matrimonial history, he’s just not eager to tie the knot again -- at least not yet.

“Let us have a honeymoon,” Kody said. “Let us have an experience where we’re getting very comfortable with each other as a family. But (as for another wedding), wait 10 years. It’s just not happening soon.”

The second season of “Sister Wives” premieres March 13 on TLC.

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