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'Sister Wives' friend thought Kody was 'Ooh, gross!' before meeting him

The "Sister Wives" family has a lot of fans thanks to their TLC show, but not everyone is a fan of their polygamous lifestyle. As Sunday's premiere showed, that was once the case for Ava Woods, a now-friend to Kody Brown and four brides who really worried about the "horrible" man at the head of the household before she met him.

Ava's husband, Brett, is a friend to Kody, but her first thought when she learned her husband had a polygamist pal was "Ooh, gross!"

"He must be some kind of pervert, a horrible person," Ava told Kody's wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn — of her initial reaction. But she was quick to change her mind. "You know, as soon as I met Kody, I could see he was so genuine and so sweet."

Christine wasn't happy hear of Ava's first take on the topic of polygamy.

"When Ava said that she was assuming that Kody would be a pedophile because he was a polygamist, I was like, 'Oh, God! Ew!'" Christine said. "That's why we went public, so people would see that people that live plural marriage are just normal, average people."

Even though Ava is now accepting of Kody and the life he shares with his wives, there's still one part of the Brown family arrangement that she doesn't understand — why he doesn't show his wives affection in front of each other.

"We don't like to throw it in each other's faces," Meri explained to her. "That's not nice to have it shoved in your face."

But that reasoning didn't help Ava understand it any better.  

"They know he's intimate with all of them, so I don't see why seeing him hold hands with a sister wife would be a problem," she said. "I don't understand why they wouldn't be happy that he was showing affection to one of his wives, rather than jealous."

Though the wives may be united on the subject of Kody, things don't appear to be peachy this season for the women. As TLC has been teasing, the ladies may be closer than ever in proximity, but have never felt farther apart. 

"Sister Wives" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on TLC.