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'Sister Wives' family prepares to add one more to the bunch

If one husband, four wives and 16 kids sounds like a full house, think again.

In a sneak peek for the upcoming season of “Sister Wives” provided by TLC, Kody Brown announces that the family has one more on the way.

“We’re all gathered here for a special occasion,” Brown told his wives and children as they prepared for dinner. “Guess what? In seven and a half months, Truly won’t be the little one.”

As regular viewers know, Truly is Kody’s 1-year-old daughter with his third wife, Christine, and the reason she won’t be the youngest for long is that Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn, is now pregnant.

The reveal inspired cheering and hugs from some, but others in the family weren't thrilled about the big news.

“I’m hoping everybody is OK with it,” a concerned Robyn said with tears in her eyes. “I mean, I noticed a couple of the girls, a couple of the teenagers, didn’t say a thing.”

Will Robyn work out her troubles with the teens? Find out when “Sister Wives” returns to TLC Sunday, Sept. 25, at 9 p.m.

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