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'Sister Wives' family faces troubles in new neighborhood

Joe Pugliese / TLC / Today
The Brown family is finding that not all of their new neighbors in Las Vegas are happy to have them in town.

The family behind TLC’s “Sister Wives” -- otherwise known as Kody Brown, his four wives, 13 children and three stepchildren -- left their legal woes behind them when they left their home state of Utah for new opportunities in Nevada. But now they’ve found Las Vegas life comes with its own troubles.

According to TMZ, the Brown family’s neighbors aren’t all ready to embrace the new polygamists on the block. While some promise to put up with the Brown bunch so long as they maintain the “drama-free” status quo, others say they’re not happy.

“I don’t want my family surrounded by polygamists,” one neighbor complained.

Another resident of the suburb has already planned a move of her own in order to put some space between the reality stars and her family.

“I am not tolerating the polygamist or their TV show in my neighborhood,” the nearby source told TMZ.

As for that TV show, "Sister Wives" returns to TLC for a second season in March. 

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