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By Ree Hines and Ree Hines and Ree Hines

Not every member of the Brown family plans to follow in the footsteps of patriarch Kody Brown and his four brides. At least one of the family's 17 children has decided that the polygamous lifestyle and the Fundamentalist Mormon faith just aren't for her.

In the following exclusive sneak peek from the season premiere of TLC's "Sister Wives," Madison, daughter of Kody and second wife Janelle, expresses her independent streak.

"I would not be able to share my husband like that," 16-year-old Madison tells her friends in the clip. "For me, it wouldn't make me happy."

That's much the same answer she later gave her father when he asked why she didn't want to be part of the family's faith.

"You can be in our faith and not be polygamous," Kody assured.

But Madison seemed unlikely to budge. She feels that her big sister Mariah, Kody's 17-year-old daughter with first wife Meri, is much more suited to the religion.

"I am not like Mariah," she insisted. "I hang out with the kids that kind of do party -- a little bit, some of them. … Mariah hangs out with a bunch of Mormons, and I don't."

And while Madison understands that many parents would be upset to learn that their child isn't going to follow their path, her parents are flexible.

"They're supportive," she explained. "They don't care; whatever makes me happy."

Kody agreed, and added, "I tried to teach my kids to have a strong relationship with God. Each individual has to figure that out themselves."

The season premiere of "Sister Wives" airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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