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Singer rocks Bonnie Tyler song as 19 different divas

Cher reaches down deep inside and belts, Celine Dion soars with that operatic edge fans know from "My Heart Will Go On," Julie Andrews warbles and chirps with that Maria Von Trapp charm. Wait ... that's not Cher or Dion or Andrews, but amazing musical impressionist Christina Bianco, who takes on those three singers plus 16 more in a YouTube performance that's now gone viral.

Bianco uses Bonnie Tyler's 1980s hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart" as the vehicle to demonstrate her complete mastery of impersonating famous singers. In Bianco's solo show, "Diva Moments," she sings songs as herself and in the style of some of the great divas, so the video here makes perfect sense.

She begins with a growly, mumbly Adele, then moves on to Cher, Judy Garland, Patti Lupone, and just keeps on truckin'. The audience shows special delight at her take on Bette Midler and a pitch-perfect "Sound of Music" style Julie Andrews.

"You were fabulous! I am even loving 'The Rachel' hair," wrote Alex Prieto on the video's YouTube page.

Celebs joined in the fun, too, with famous faces such as RuPaul praising Bianco online. (The drag queen, no stranger to divas, called Bianco "shelarious."

"Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes said Bianco's video "brought me joy," to which Bianco responded, "Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! (& I also thank you for entertaining me, for many years, many times over!)"

If you want more Bianco, and are in or around London, she pointed out in response to a Twitter inquiry that tickets are still available for her upcoming shows at London's Hippodrome Casino on Sept. 6-7. Check it out, in case you get a little bit tired of listening to the sound of your tears.