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Singer Ciara gets served legal papers in middle of concert

Audience members throwing flowers, notes -- even their underwear -- onto the stage while a singer performs isn't unusual, but Ciara received a very different kind of "gift" during a performance on Saturday night: legal papers.

The singer, who was headlining the 2013 Los Angeles Gay Pride Festival, was in the middle of performing her hit song "Body Party" when an audience member made it to the front of the stage and placed legal papers into her hand. Still singing, Ciara barely glanced at the papers before throwing them off the stage and into the crowd.

An audience member picked up the documents and told a TMZ cameraman, "She got served. She threw it away but she got served though."

According to multiple outlets, the singer is being sued for breach of contract by The Factory, a Los Angeles nightclub that she was scheduled to appear at on Friday night. The singer canceled her gig at the club so that she could attend and perform at the LA Gay Pride Festival. Her team claims they gave the club plenty of notice and even tweeted on the singer's verified Twitter account that she would only be performing at the festival, but the nightclub is still suing her.



The singer, who performed in a red leather and lace ensemble, seemed unfazed by the legal trouble. She finished her performance and later tweeted about how much fun she had at the event.