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Sin City proves too wild for 'Sister Wives'

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The Brown family ventured out of the Las Vegas suburbs on Sunday night's "Sister Wives."

Life in the Las Vegas suburbs seems to suit the relocated “Sister Wives” family — minus a few of the kids, who still grumble about the fact that it’s not Utah — but once the group ventured out onto the Vegas strip, all bets were off.

On Sunday night’s episode of the reality series, Kody Brown’s four wives hit the famous stretch of Sin City and soon saw more than they bargained for.

“Once we got down to the end of Fremont Street, it was a more adult version (of the strip),” Brown’s first bride, Meri explained as images of dancers flashed on the screen. “We realized, ‘You know what? We’ve gone past where we should have gone.”

Robyn, who just joined the family last year, seemed particularly upset about the sexy scenes on the strip. Later, in an interview at home, she explained that despite being part of a plural marriage, life with their husband isn’t centered around sex like that.

“People look at our lifestyle and they think this is all about sex,” she said. “I mean, if this was really about sex....”

“... Why take on the responsibility of a wife?” Wife three, Christine said, finishing Robyn’s sentiment. “Why take on the responsibility of supporting her children?”

As for Janelle, Brown’s second wife, she admitted to be shocked by what she saw on Fremont Street, but she maintains a live and let live attitude.

“You know, for me, because we are so conservative in our dress and we are so conservative in the way we view things, when you run into something that’s so blatantly opposite from yourself, it’s always kind of like, ‘Oh!’” she said of her initial reaction to seeing the dancers. “I kind of feel like everybody has to choose. Some choose it out of necessity. And I do think some choose it because they don’t mind the attention. But again, I just have to let everybody choose, and I would ask that they let me choose my life, too.”

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