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Simple Plan doesn’t care about being cool

Band hits the road this summer with Good Charlotte
/ Source: The Associated Press

Simple Plan likes to play around, as the title of their latest album, “Still Not Getting Any ...” suggests.

The Montreal-based quintet hasn’t exactly come out and declared what the title means, and they haven’t exactly denied theories that have circulated about what the possible missing last word could be.

“It makes people talk,” said drummer Chuck Comeau during a recent interview. “We’re not Interpol, we’re not the cool band on the cover of Spin. It’s saying, ‘Who cares, we don’t need that.’ We can make fun of that and still be a cool band.”

Simple Plan’s playful attitudes and angst-filled, high-adrenaline songs have made them a staple among young rock fans worldwide and turned them into platinum-selling artists. But they’re getting a lot more attention these days for a serious topic: Their video for their latest single, “Untitled,” which depicts the consequences of drunk driving and has been endorsed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

The band will co-headline their “Noise to the World” Tour with that other cool band, fellow pop-punk rockers Good Charlotte, on a 28-city romp sponsored by MTV.

Over the years, Comeau and his bandmates Pierre Bouvier (vocals), Jeff Stinco (guitars), Sebastien Lefebvre (guitars), and David Desrosies (bass), have become tour veterans, playing Warped four times. So they’ve had their share of on-the-road adventures.

“Once we almost got killed on the bus,” Comeau said. “Our bus driver fell asleep on the highway and we ended up in a ditch. We ended up jumping off our bunks and being really scared, but not hurt.”

Hopefully, this time out, the only damage will be to fans’ eardrums. And while the members of Good Charlotte came up with the name for the tour, both bands are eager to go out on the road together.

“Our fans have been asking for that tour for a long time and their fans as well,” Comeau said. “It’s perfect timing. Kids are gonna have their money’s worth.”