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Is Simon crossing the line on ‘Idol’?

More criticism for his acid-tongued comments about contestants
/ Source: Access Hollywood

The biggest "Idol" gets the shaft from Simon!

OK, Access wants to give big credit to Anthony Andolino, a man with confidence to spare.

Unfortunately, with almost 30 million watching "American Idol," Anthony met a man without a conscience.

Sparking Tuesday's "Idol" controversy? The big man, Anthony!

It's no surprise that the judges passed on 28-year-old Anthony. He wasn't the best of singers, but it was a comment by Simon that really took the cake.

"Just as well, we couldn't afford the food bill," said Simon, after Anthony left the stage.

Sandy Schaffer, of the National Association To Advance Fat Acceptance, was outraged by Simon's comments.

"It's just a childish, stupid remark!" Sandy told us. "You already didn't accept the man, why do you want to kick him?"

But Simon is unapologetic as he smashed through the sensitivity line.

For example, after one woman auditioned, Paula mentioned that the contestant wrote that she thought she could be bigger than J. Lo and Janet put together.

"In a way she is," Simon said.

"Oh, Simon," Randy said.

"Do we have a bigger stage this year?" Simon asked.

"Oh, come on," Randy said.

"She's got like a Frenchie…" said Paula, referring to former contestant Franchelle "Frenchie" Davis, from "Idol's" second season.

"Forget 'Frenchie,'" Simon said. "She's like France!"

But hey! Anyone remember season two's "Idol" winner?

Another big man – Ruben Studdard!

"The show seems to be saying you can't be gay, you can't be fat, you can't be anything different," Sandy told us. "It absolutely desensitizes the audience. It starts to make you feel this is OK."

"He's an ass. He's a pill. He says the dumbest things sometimes," said Paula of Simon.

Paula told Billy Bush that she also is offended by Simon's acid tongue.

"Do you ever go to him in a private moment backstage and say, let's talk about the line and you crossing it?" Billy asked.

"This is the first season that they keep the cameras rolling once the kids leave the room," Paula said. "You would never hear me say You're an ass.' And I do tell him, and I hit him, and I stomp my feet on him."