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Simon Cowell is way too good channeling Hannibal Lecter in new 'AGT' promo

If you've been hungry for more of "America's Got Talent," have a seat, as new judge Simon Cowell is ready to serve it up.
/ Source: TODAY

Hungry for "America's Got Talent" to return for Season 11? Then get ready: New judge Simon Cowell channels Hannibal Lecter in a fresh promo for the show, though he confesses, "I don't actually bite."

And you'll want to watch this version, even if you've seen the one that dropped earlier in the week: This version features a few high jinks from fellow judge Heidi Klum!

As you probably know, Cowell — who first came to audiences' attention as the take-no-prisoners judge in the first nine seasons of "American Idol," and who has since served time as a judge on a number of other reality TV shows in the US and UK, including "The X Factor" — is filling the shoes of Howard Stern, who left the "AGT" judge chair last season.

Simon Cowell faces down his fellow "America's Got Talent" judges (Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B), and host Nick Cannon.NBC

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Bringing Cowell on is a meaty hire that's got everyone on a knife's edge, it appears. Hence the tongue-in-cheek promo that finds the judge bound in a straitjacket and wearing a face mask, wheeled out by armed guards, a la "Silence of the Lambs'" doctor-turned-cannibal Hannibal Lecter. After all, Cowell does have a reputation for eating contestants alive (though fortunately, not literally).

Still, as the extended reveals, the judges were all too happy to nibble at their immobile compatriot, and Klum seemed to have a lot of fun tickling his legs!

We bet the real Hannibal Lecter never wore stonewashed jeans, but he might have if Heidi Klum tickled his legs the way she's doing with Simon Cowell.NBC

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Oh, we could dine out on this forever. But "AGT" is about to return to NBC, with the lineup of Cowell, Klum, Mandel, judge Mel B and host Nick Cannon, so we'd better take our seats. Strap yourselves in: This is going to be a delicious night!

"America's Got Talent" returns for its 11th season on May 31 on NBC at 8 p.m. ET.

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