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Simon Cowell criticizes 'Idol' judges for ditching Chris Medina

Think “American Idol” has a kinder take on the televised talent show now that Simon Cowell isn’t in the mix? Think again. According to Cowell, he’s actually a nice guy compared to the current batch of judges.

No, really.

The soon-to-be "X-Factor" judge even has evidence. Just look at J.Lo and Co.’s recent ousting of sentimental favorite Chris Medina. In an interview on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” Cowell claimed that Medina would have made it to the top 24 under his watch.

“I saw this clip of this nice kid and his wife was in a wheelchair or something… uh, Chris,” Cowell said, clearly demonstrating he only paid minimal attention to Medina’s story. “Yeah, you know, I like him. He’s good. The judges are crying. Then he gets to the point where they say yes or no (to the top 24) and they go, ‘No.’ Well, if you like him, put him through. So I think I was a bit kinder. Yeah. I would have put him through.”

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