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Silent Scientology birth for Tom and Katie?

While Hollywood awaits a due date for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' baby, one thing is already a known fact — when the baby does arrive, Scientology will play a major role.

Tom and Katie are likely to follow the church's "silent birth" guidelines during delivery, which means no music and no talking during the birth, which also means no screaming during the pains of labor.

The doctrine also states that newborns cannot be poked or prodded for medical tests or even spoken to for the first seven days of their lives, believing that babies go through so much pain during the birth, they shouldn't have to experience any further discomfort or sensory experience that could return later in life to haunt them.

And what about painkillers for Katie? Perhaps an epidural, which numbs the mom from the waist down?

Well, fellow Scientologist Kelly Preston told Redbook magazine she tried to follow the church's guidelines during the birth of her daughter Ella Bleu, but after 13 hours of at home labor, she changed her mind saying, "It got hard core at the end because she was so big" and eventually told husband John Travolta to "Throw me in the car. I want an epidural!"

But unfortunately for Kelly, it was too late. Due to traffic, there wasn't enough time to get to the hospital.

Cruise's spokesperson, Lee Anne Devette, confirmed Holmes's pregnancy to Access Hollywood on Wednesday.

Cruise, who has two children, Connor, 10, and Isabella, 12, with ex-wife Nicole Kidman, began dating Holmes in mid-April.

He proposed to her at the Eiffel Tower in Paris in June.

Devette would not comment on the baby's gender or say how far along the pregnancy is.

The couple has yet to set a wedding date.