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Sienna Miller plays Warhol's muse in ‘Factory’

An exquisite Sienna Miller lit up the Santa Barbara Film Festival on Thursday night as her new movie “Factory Girl” kicked off the fest.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

An exquisite Sienna Miller lit up the Santa Barbara Film Festival on Thursday night as her new movie “Factory Girl” kicked off the fest.

And earlier this week when she paid a visit to the Access Hollywood set, she was equally illuminating as she sat down with Billy Bush.

“Welcome to my living room,” Billy said jokingly as she entered the set.

“Merci,” said a French-for-a-second Sienna.

In her biggest role to date, the lovely Sienna is completely transformed as Andy Warhol's muse in the drama “Factory Girl.”

“Let's talk about Edie Sedgwick for a second,” Billy said, referring to her “Factory” character. “She broke the mold — socialite, wildly eccentric and ultimately a little bit destructive. How much of you is in Edie?”

“It's such dangerous ground because Edie died of a drug overdose at 28, but there are things I relate to. There are things I relate to more in a kind of free-spiritedness,” Sienna said. “She was skinnier than me, but she was a drug addict and had an eating disorder. I don't and I'm not.”

“You've become a fashion icon. There's no question,” Billy noted.

“You know, the whole fashion thing, I get it really wrong, and I get completely slammed for stuff as well because I just sort of dress how I want to dress, and it's great. People respond well to it, but I get a lot of criticism, and I get it wrong,” she admitted. “I just wear what I want. I think that's the key — to not dress for anyone but yourself.”

And Sienna's not only a fashionista, she's a sex symbol as well.

“Guys obviously think you're gorgeous, and you are, but women do too. You've got that thing going with guys and girls,” Billy told her.

“La la la la la la la la,” Sienna said, laughing and plugging her ears to avoid hearing the praise.

“It's true,” Billy insisted.

In fact, Sienna shows off her sexual side as she graces the cover of February's Esquire magazine, striking some very seductive poses.

But Sienna shared the Esquire spotlight and the pages with a special guest — a monkey. And the actress learned a little something about her new furry friend.

“In order to make the monkey respond, you have to blow at its mouth and it'll kiss you,” she laughed. “So I sort of made out with the monkey.”

“Really? That's disgusting,” Billy said jokingly. “How was his breath?”

“Not so good. Banana-ery,” she said, smiling. “And he peed down my back!”

Catch Sienna — minus the monkey — in “Factory Girl” when it hits select theaters Feb. 2.