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Side-splitting comedy

Ben Stiller gets married; Dane Cook tries not to sleep with Jessica Alba
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Yes, it may be dark and gloomy this fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend a couple hours laughing. Ben Stiller, Dane Cook and Owen Wilson are among those who want you to squirt Coke out of your nose as they shock you into laughter. Oblige them, won’t you?

“The Heartbreak Kid”
Ben Stiller, Michelle Monaghan, Malin Akerman, Jerry Stiller, Rob Corddry, Carlos Mencia, Scott Wilson, Danny McBrideDirector: Peter Farrelly, Bobby FarrellyStory: A remake of the 1972 film that starred Charles Grodin and Cybill Shepherd, this film tells the story of Eddie (Stiller) who proposes to Lila (Akerman) after only six weeks of knowing her, because his parents and best friend (Corddry) have been pressuring him to get married. But on his honeymoon, Lila turns into a different person and Eddie begins to regret his marriage, especially after he meets Miranda (Monaghan). Buzz: The Farrelly brothers may not seem like the obvious choice to remake this Neil Simon comedy (Elaine May directed the 1972 film); expect them to emphasize the comedy over the romance. They haven’t teamed with Stiller since the incredibly popular “There’s Something About Mary.” Akerman (who played Juna Millken in HBO’s “The Comeback”) gets the role with the most breakout potential — this one could make her a star.Web site: Release date: Oct. 5

The Game Plan
The Comebacks