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Show wouldn’t be Suleman’s only income

Whatever deal Nadya Suleman strikes as far as a reality show about herself, it won't be the only income for the mom of 14.
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Octuplets mom Nadya Suleman is hoping to ink a deal for a reality show in the very near future, and her lawyer Jeff Czech confirms that she’s met with four production companies about a show that would follow Suleman as she raises her 14 children.

“Nadya has been interested in, and hoping to find, something not so intrusive to the family and babies while, at the same time, [something to] sort of focus on trying to make a little income for herself," Czech has said.

That said, a source close to Suleman says that whatever deal she strikes, she doesn’t want the reality show to be her only source of income.

“She wants to be able to do endorsements and she wants a book, too,” a source close to Suleman said. “She does have a lot of mouths to feed, and she doesn’t want to take handouts.”

As to when the single mother of 14 would find the time to pen a book, the source only said, “I guess that’s a detail that would need to be worked out.”

Madonna is a distant memory for A-RodYankee slugger Alex Rodriguez has most definitely moved on from Madonna: A-Rod was spotted out and about in Miami with Bethanny Frankel of “The Real Housewives of New York City” according to the Daily News’ George Rush.

The dinner took place the evening of April 10 and ended on the early side — A-Rod dropped Frankel off at her hotel just after midnight, according to Rush.

Frankel has denied that there’s a relationship brewing and A-Rod has yet to comment, but a friend of his says that the message his “friendship” with Frankel sends is more important.

“He wants to shed the image of ‘the baseball player who dated Madonna.’ He was going through a rough time, and she was there for him,” the source says. “That’s it, he’s moving on.”

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But Miley Cyrus’ flick was the front-runner among new releases. It made $34 million; just a touch more than many industry estimates were forecasting.

Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray made some surprise appearances at theaters across the country: perhaps this smart marketing move helped some. More likely: Miley-mania is still alive and well, despite all of that “growing up too fast” talk.

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