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Should some words come with an age limit?

Words are like tight pants: there are some you just can't pull off after a certain age. At least, KLG thinks so.

On Friday, she and Hoda discussed a list from the Huffington Post of proposed phrases that women over fifty shouldn't use. Among them were "freakin'," "neat," "hottie," and "smashed."


The ladies agreed that older women shouldn't use the word "hottie," unless, as KLG said, "you're talking about a toddy." She doesn't think anybody should use the word "freakin'", but Hoda disagreed, as it appears in several R&B songs.

"Here's to the freakin' weekend," she sang. Do you agree?

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor who only uses "freakin" when singing R. Kelly.

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