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Should larger women have to pay more for leg waxes?

Kathie Lee and Hoda talk about a salon's controversial new policy.

A report that a salon in London is charging women extra for leg waxing based on their size had Kathie Lee and Hoda in a fierce debate on Monday.

The British salon reportedly charges women starting at a size 12 an extra fee to get their legs waxed, and tacks on an additional surcharge for women size 18 and above.

"I think that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard," said Hoda.

"Well you're not in the leg waxing business," pointed out KLG, who was eager to note that she wasn't defending the practice, but could see the business sense in the proposition. "If you're buying a house, you have to pay more for square footage! For a large pizza, you pay more!"

"Not for large pants!" countered Hoda.

"I'm not saying it's right or wrong," KLG tried to clarify.

"It's wrong!" Hoda insisted.

"They're saying it cost them more, Hoda," said KLG. "If it costs you more to do something, you have to amortize to make a profit. I think it might be rude and uncomfortable for the people and I'm sorry about that."

"They're trying to save money and they're going to lose business," said Hoda.

KLG continued with the comparisons: "It's like someone who gets on a plane and has to buy two seats because they're overweight," she noted.

"Stop it!" Hoda cried, putting her hands over her ears, and singing to herself.

Then she offered a potential suggestion for those looking to skip the salon altogether. "My mom, she makes her own leg waxing stuff," she said. "She takes sugar, water, and lemon, and stirs it all in the pot for a long time...Then you use that and you do your own. I gotta tell you, it works!"

"Could she show us on the air?" KLG asked.

"Maybe she could," laughed Hoda.

Even though KLG tried to bring it full circle, hypothesizing that if Hoda's mom gained weight she'd need more supplies for her waxing kit, Hoda refused to agree, so they let it go.

"I don't do all this stuff," KLG shrugged. "Good old razor for me, baby."

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KLG, Hoda: Should plus-size legs cost more to wax?

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KLG, Hoda: Should plus-size legs cost more to wax?

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