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Short cut: Aniston dons 'unflattering' wig on set of new movie

Cut it out! Fans are accustomed to seeing Jennifer Aniston's famed locks falling below her shoulders. But in photos snapped on the set of her upcoming movie, "Squirrels to the Nuts," the former "Friends" star donned a short brown wig with bangs.

Jennifer Aniston with a wig giving her short hair for a new movie, left, and with her normal longer locks, right.

The film, in which Aniston plays a therapist, began filming July 11 in New York. It's the first feature film directed by "Last Picture Show" director Peter Bogdanovich in 10 years. Bogdanovich's former girlfriend, Cybill Shepherd, plays Aniston's alcoholic mother.

Fans and media outlets were quick to chime in on the actress' new (temporary) look.

"We think she pulled it off and looked adorable to boot," wrote The Huffington Post.

But Britain's Daily Mirror called the look "mousy" and "rather unflattering," writing, "We're hoping that it won't take off like her Rachel cut did." Tell us what you think by taking our poll.

"Squirrels to the Nuts" is set for release sometime in 2014.