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Shop ’til you drop for Cruise and Holmes

Are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes registered at Neiman Marcus?
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Are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes registered at Neiman Marcus?

The online wedding registry for the upscale retailer has a couple by that name registered to get hitched on Oct. 21, 2006. The list of gifts included some understated china, pricey linens, and several Faberge items.

The Scoop expected to get a denial from Cruise’s spokesman — pranksters with too much time on their hand sometimes create fake celeb registries — but was surprised when we were told, “We have no comment.” Shortly after the call was made, however, we were unable to summon the site on the registry again.

Curiously, further snooping found a registry under the names Katherine Holmes and Thomas Mapother — Cruise’s real name. That registry listed the wedding date as July 7, 2006 had no items listed, however, and merely specified: “The couple welcomes NM Gift Cards.”

Watts remembers desperate timesNaomi Watts says that before she landed her role in the critically acclaimed flick “Mulholland Drive” she considered suicide.

“I went through some very lonely times,” the “King Kong” star said while promoting the movie. “I spent a lot of time in my car crying my eyes out. One night, I drove along thinking, maybe I’ll take a left here, over the cliff, because I can’t take it any more.”

The actress, who appears in the Peter Jackson remake of the giant ape flick, ironically also blasts Hollywood for remaking old classic movies. “It’s weird there are so many remakes at the moment,” she said. “There’s a great lack of good material and new ideas. It’s emblematic of our times. We’ve run out of ideas, which is sinful. We’re going to burn out.”

Notes from all overScarlett Johansson thinks she looks like a guy. “People tell me that I am so feminine, that everything about me is so feminine and I always think, ‘No, not really,’ ” the “Match Point” star said while promoting the flick. “I look at myself in the mirror and I think there’s something rather boyish about my face. I think it’s very sexy and it makes people question their sexuality.”   . . .Formerly anorexic star Mary-Kate Olsen is donating her skinny clothes to an AIDS charity, according to In Touch Weekly. . . . Kate Moss’ on-again, off-again boyfriend, recently arrested , says that the waifish model dumped him because — well, here’s what he said, according to the London Sun: “I can’t buy her diamonds and my [bleep] is too small.”

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