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Shockers! Lady Gaga Brings Little Sis (and Nipple Tape) to Fashion Awards

Turns out Lady Gaga's not the only fashionista in the Germanotta household.
/ Source: E!online

Turns out Lady Gaga's not the only fashionista in the Germanotta household.

The pop star's got a little monster sister, and she brought along 19-year-old Natali Germanotta for a really wild ride at the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City last night:

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On arrival, Natali lent a steadying hand to help Gaga maneuver down the carpet as she tried not to trip in her sky-high heels. And then we bet the fashion school student was taking some serious notes inside the show.

Natali just finished her freshman year at design school Parsons, where she's studying fashion design. She was dressed a little more low-key than her big sister and opted for black lipstick and a low-cut black jump suit. But then again, when you're standing next to Gaga, everything else looks tame.

This isn't the first time Gaga's shared her limelight with her sister. The Catholic-school graduate was a sultry prison inmate in the Gaga and Beyonc music video for Telephone, clearly making those high school nuns proud!

But it doesn't seem like Natali is one to mooch of her sister's fame. The kid's already earned street cred in the fashion world, having worked backstage at the Allison Parris show during New York Fashion Week in February 2010.

Designer Parris praised the younger fashionista saying, "Natali was a pleasure to have backstage on our crew though, she jumped right in and let us know that she was there to work and willing to do anything".

So she may not have inherited her sister's wild fashion sense, but she certainly has her work ethic.

But last night, it was all about Gaga, natch.

The New York native took home the Fashion Icon Award and celebrated with her parents and sister, along with famous friend Marc Jacobs, Gerard Butler and Karolina Kurkova during a surprise party at the Standard Hotel following the show. Guests were treated to a special performance of Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Patti LaBelle and Mother Monster at the Belvedere bash.

Gaga's party outfit of choice?

She ditched her Mugler dress from earlier in the evening and paraded around in a black thong, green wig and black nipple tape. Of course.

Leave it to Gaga to go nearly naked to a party honoring her fashion style.

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