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'Just do it!' Shia LaBeouf intense motivational speech inspires parodies

Actor Shia LaBeouf is back, and he's got three words for you in his motivational speech: "Just do it!"
/ Source: TODAY

When Shia LaBeouf stood before a green screen for an art project and shouted repeatedly, "Just do it!" he might have hoped his enthusiasm would motivate viewers.

Well, with 1.4 million views of the excerpted speech on YouTube, there's no question: LaBeouf has, in fact, been inspirational. Just not perhaps in the way he expected.

The speech, which the "Transformers" actor (and accused plagiarist, Broadway show disruptee and music video star) posted on his Twitter feed on Friday, is part of a 30-minute project he collaborated on with a group of London fine arts students. The full video is called "#Introductions" and features LaBeouf performing spoken word segments in front of that same green screen. They range from 30 to 90 seconds.

But it's the motivational speech written by student Joshua Parker that pops up nearly 9 minutes in which has proved hugely popular.

In it, LaBeouf looks intensely at the camera, clasps one hand over the other at waist-level, and entreats the viewer to "just do it" again and again, marching around the small room. Whatever it is you need to do, he wants you to get it the heck done.

So the Internet responded, by getting dozens of parody videos done. Enjoy!

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