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Shia LaBeouf's DUI could cost studio millions

Shia LaBeouf wasn't at fault in his recent car accident -- the other driver ran a red light -- but any time he spends off the set of "Transformers 2" will cost the film money and time.
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In the days following Shia LaBeouf’s arrest, the state of the former Disney star's image was often the subject of conversation. Now that some time has passed since the July 28 incident, talk is shifting to how much the accident will cost “Transformers 2,” which is currently in production.

LaBeouf underwent hand surgery, which will keep him off the set of the Michael Bay flick for about a month. According to a Hollywood producer who spoke to OK! magazine, “the daily cost of production can be $200,000 a day.”

“Shia is very, very contrite at this point,” says a source close to the actor. “But it’s easy to want to make changes now, while it (the accident) is still fresh. The danger is that he knows he’s indispensable at this point — it’s not like he’s going to get dropped from the film. Hopefully he really does make the changes he needs to make.”

Dan Quayle on ‘Dancing With the Stars’?
The Republican party might have some publicity work to do after Oliver Stone’s “W.” hits theaters in October. One possible strategy for putting a happy face on the party: Get Dan Quayle into the lineup for “Dancing With the Stars.”

Rumors of the former Vice President’s participation were first reported by, and a source close to “DWTS” says that it’s possible Quayle’s name was bandied about.

“Anything is possible,” the source says. “You have no idea the people who come out of the woodwork asking to be on the show. The bar is set a little higher than many people think, though.”

Alleged affair story doesn’t sell 
It’s been nearly a week since Star magazine broke a story about Matthew Broderick’s alleged affair, and according to early estimates, the public wasn’t interested in a story about Broderick stepping out on his wife Sarah Jessica Parker.

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“The issue was a huge, huge disappointment,” says a source who is familiar with the situation. “Star thought they had a big ‘get’ on their hands.”

What’s behind the lack of interest? “Sarah is a big star, but her fans think of her more as Carrie Bradshaw than they do Sarah Jessica Parker, wife of Matthew Broderick,” the source says. “Now, if the story was Big is cheating on Carrie, that might have done better.”

Reps for Broderick and Parker didn’t comment on the piece, and the couple was spotted in Amagansett, N.Y. over the weekend looking quite happy.

Nominate J.Lo for mom of the year, already
Next year when the Long Island Mom of the Year awards are doled out, let’s hope Jennifer Lopez knocks Dina Lohan from her pedestal. On top of dumping the nannies, starting a new clothing line and training for a triathlon, Lopez has now signed on for a new film. Variety reports she’ll star in “The Governess”, the story of a thief who must pose as a nanny to three unruly children and a wealthy widower in order to pull off a heist.