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Sheldon's eager to 'do it' on 'Big Bang Theory'

Monty Brinton / Today
Will "The Big Bang Theory's" Sheldon and Amy take things to the next level in "The Love Spell Potential"?

Will Sheldon boldly go where he's never gone before on the next "Big Bang Theory"? Maybe.

The theoretical physicist and his gal pal Amy have remained mostly hands off so far -- much to her chagrin -- but the pair could be ready to go all the way in the season's penultimate episode, "The Love Spell Potential."

In a preview clip, the couple settles in for an evening of Dungeons & Dragons fun with their friends when Penny suddenly suggests that they use the game as chance to roll the (20-sided) dice where their love life is concerned.

"Why don't your character and your character do it in the game?" she asks them.

Sheldon, eager for all things D&D, offers a hearty "Count me in!" Of course, when Amy helpfully points out that "do it" means sex, he quickly reevaluates his enthusiastic reaction.

"Oh! Then I'm out," he says in all seriousness.

But is he really? Even the episode's official synopsis hints at more, revealing that the D&D game causes "Sheldon and Amy's relationship to take an unexpected turn."

Monty Brinton / Today

When TODAY.com spoke to Amy actress Mayim Bialik earlier this season, she didn't spoil anything about the sexy turn her character and Sheldon might take. But she did share her personal preference for the two to stay chaste.

"I kind of like us the way we are," she said.

See if Sheldon and Amy really do shake things up when "The Big Bang Theory" airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on CBS.