Sheldon who? Jim Parsons sings about not being 'Big Bang' character on 'SNL'

Image: Jim Parsons
Jim Parsons sings about his not-so-Sheldon-like life on "Saturday Night Live."Today

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By Ree Hines

Jim Parsons may be best known for playing a socially award physicist on the hit sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory," but he wants his fans to know he's not actually his character, Sheldon Cooper. He found the perfect opportunity to spread the word while hosting "Saturday Night Live."

Mid-monologue, Parsons informed the audience of a few basic facts that separate him from his "Big Bang" alter ego: "I am not like Sheldon. I am not a scientist. I don't speak Klingon. I do have a male roommate, but I assure that's a vastly different arrangement."

And then, to really deliver the message, the funnyman broke out in a not-so-Sheldon-like song — with a little help from some classic TV friends.

"I'm a well-adjusted man, not a 'Star Trek' superfan," he sang. "I'm much more than that geek that's on your screen 12 times a week."

Then Jaleel White (as played by "SNL" regular Jay Pharoah), joined him on stage.

"In the '90s there was Urkel, who made Friday nights a blast," Parsons continued. "But Jaleel White? He's a full-grown man who can probably kick your …."

You get the idea.

Other famous faces — or reasonable facsimiles — came out for similar sentiments.

There was Henry Winkler (Taran Killiam), who Parsons said was "a nice Jewish boy who went Yale Drama School," rather than just Fonzie, "the epitome of cool." There was Jason Alexander (Bobby Moynihan), who was more than just George Costanza; he could also "sing and danza."

As for Angela Lansbury (Kate McKinnon), well, according to Parsons, she couldn't have been less like her most beloved character.

"Her role on 'Murder, She Wrote' was sweet old Jessica Fletcher," he crooned. "But Angela Lansbury, she robbed 50 banks and nobody could catch her!"

But by the end of the song, Parsons blurred his distance from Sheldon Cooper by belting out one bold, "Big Bang"-worthy "Bazinga!"