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Sheinelle Jones reveals note she wrote herself months ago

The TODAY co-host took a wellness trip in July 2023 and is just now receiving a letter she wrote to herself at the time.
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY's Sheinelle Jones has an idea for some self-reflection in the new year.

In a video she captioned, "To: You — From: Me," with a smiley face and red heart emoji, Sheinelle shared a letter that she wrote herself six months ago.

She explained that after an "amazing" meditation retreat she went on in July 2023, she was asked to write her future self a note to recall how she was feeling at the moment.

"Of course, I love stuff like that so I'm bringing it up because I thought maybe you'd like to do it too because it's pretty cool," Sheinelle said in the clip.

She recommended writing a note either about how you're feeling now or how you hope to feel six months from now. Then, give the letter to a friend and tell them to send a reminder to send to you six months later.

"You get it on a day like this, Lord knows I need it," Sheinelle said. "It's nice to receive a love note and even nicer when it's from yourself."

Though she didn't read the entire letter, Sheinelle did reveal how she began the note to herself.

"It says, 'Hi, me. I hope you're still feeling the effects of this amazing renewal. You set out to be renewed and in this moment, you truly are. Let me remind you about this trip,'" she said.

Sheinelle continued, "And then I go on and on about all my moments that I feel like I learned something about myself. Anyway, it's a nice little treat to give yourself as you start the new year. So I would highly recommend giving it a try."

Following her first solo trip, Sheinelle posted a relaxed selfie in a bathrobe and called her time at the wellness spa “transformative.”

"Only a couple of days by myself. You know what I learned? I still enjoy my own company," she wrote. "I didn’t have to talk when I didn’t feel like it. I sat and ate dinner without a phone or a book to offer a distraction. Just my thoughts. I hiked. Meditated. Took so many pictures of the sky. Admired God's handiwork. Lots of swimming. Lots of silence. It was transformative. I am rejuvenated. I swear I discovered new gray hairs, even a birthmark I forgot about on my chin."

The mother of three said the trip taken while her children were at summer camp was the first time since before the birth of her oldest son, Kayin, 14, that she was able to get away by herself for a few days.