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Sheinelle Jones taught Dylan Dreyer how to dance like Beyoncé

The Weekend TODAY team took on Beyoncé's #BeforeILetGoChallenge.
/ Source: TODAY

There’s a new trend hitting social media this spring and it’s getting everyone on their feet, including TODAY’s own Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer!

The #BeforeILetGo challenge went viral this week after the release of Beyoncé’s Netflix film, “Homecoming,” and during the 3rd hour of TODAY on Wednesday, Dylan revealed she had challenged Sheinelle to give it a try.

Sheinelle and her daughter, Clara Josephine, stepped up to the challenge and, as expected, they both rocked it!

To do the challenge, fans follow the lyrics to Beyoncé’s cover of Frankie Beverly and Maze’s 1981 hit, “Before I Let Go,” which instruct listeners, in part, to "Bring it up, clap, then roll, roll/ Step on 'em, step on 'em, step on 'em, step/ Step on 'em, kick on 'em, stomp, then you step/ Swag the right, surf the left/ Work the middle 'til it hurt a little."

On Wednesday, Dylan said on-air, "If Sheinelle can teach me how to do it, I'll do it" and so, once Saturday's Weekend TODAY show wrapped, Dylan joined Sheinelle for an after show performance!

The duo shared a clip of their dance routine on Instagram and Sheinelle wrote afterward, "I can’t stop smiling!"

There was even behind-the-scenes footage featuring a special appearance from Weekend TODAY co-anchor Peter Alexander, who couldn't help but join in the fun.

This isn’t the first time Sheinelle busted out some of her greatest Beyoncé-inspired dance moves. The TODAY co-host was caught doing her best Queen Bey moves during a morning meeting back in 2017.

It looks like last summer's "In My Feelings" dance challenge has some competition and Sheinelle and Dylan have already mastered the moves!