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Sheen's playboy antics don't ruin 'Men' for fans

Every day, it seems like there are new stories — both rumored and confirmed — about "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen's latest escapades: alleged spousal abuse, drug-fueled parties, hotel trashings, stolen cars, hanging out with porn stars, rehab. The list goes on and on.Much of these shenanigans resemble the antics of his on-screen persona, Charlie Harper. But how much can Sheen blur th
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Every day, it seems like there are new stories — both rumored and confirmed — about "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen's latest escapades: alleged spousal abuse, drug-fueled parties, hotel trashings, stolen cars, hanging out with porn stars, rehab. The list goes on and on.

Much of these shenanigans resemble the antics of his on-screen persona, Charlie Harper. But how much can Sheen blur the line between life and art before it hurts the hit comedy? We asked readers if the actor's real-life troubles impacted their enjoyment of the show.

Here's what they had to say:

Are you kidding? I'll watch it more now. My friends and I were just saying the other day how badly we'd like to have his life! I recognize that not everyone feels the way we (some professional guys in our 30s and 40s) feel, but at least for our group of five or so guys, that was our reaction. — Brian Linsey, Las Vegas

We're all human and we all have our own "warts" and shortcomings, but Charlie Sheen's selfish and childish behavior is costing hundreds of people their jobs. Watching him play a drunken playboy on TV just isn't funny anymore. — R. LaRochelle, Charlotte, Maine

There's a reason that actors in the "old days" used to wear mask — so that we could concentrate on the character and not be distracted by the player. Sheen has become a distraction to Charlie Harper. — Michael Green, Ala.

I watch because Sheen is funny and his charter is maybe a toned down version of his off-screen self. Go lucky and care free! Who wouldn't enjoy his charter's lifestyle? — Michael Sevey, Menlo Park, Calif.

It is one thing, and quite acceptable, to have a character who is a boozing womanizer with a bad attitude when it is all for show business. Somehow knowing this is the real Sheen makes it harder to watch and not at all entertaining. It feels more like spying on his sordid private life. I have not been able to laugh at his antics on the show. They are too real now and quite sad. — Gaylin Katterson, Baden, Penn.

I love the show "Two and a Half Men," and I love Charlie Sheen. He isn't the first television star to have demons to fight, if it wasn't for poor taste in the coverage by the media that he is given, then nobody would think twice about it. The only thing we ever hear about any of the stars is negative, negative, negative, how about posting some of the good things Charlie has done in his life and acting career? Lay off people, he will come back from this and be bigger and better than ever. And also, why would the show have to take a hiatus? You still have Jon Cryer and Angus, as well as Courtney Thorne Smith, I am sure a few episodes could be made without Charlie, although, it's the constant bantering between him and Alan that make the show great. Good Luck Mr. Sheen. — Elizabeth Blair, Greenwood, Ind.

Used to enjoy the show a lot, but Sheen's lifestyle has become too disgusting for me and I find it difficult to separate Sheen and the character. I don't believe we should glorify people who break the law, and I honestly wonder why Sheen isn't in jail for drug possession. Others would be in the slammer for less. — Marie Raven

I've watched "Two and a Half Men" since it began. My husband and I always looked forward to it. Charlie Sheen's behavior has soured the show and maybe it has run its course as well. He needs to take his rehab seriously or he won't be around to make more shows. — Maureen Byrnes, Poway, Calif.

I love the show. I watch the show because it is funny. Charlie Sheen the actor is who I watch and enjoy on television. Charlie Sheen the man may need to take some time off to get his personal life together. America needs to be able to tell the difference between the two. — J. Armstrong.

I have stopped watching, he is a spoiled brat who has never grown-up and a real manipulator! — Sherry Smith, Olathe, Kan.

As a recovering alcoholic, I watch the show sometimes to remind me of how grateful I am that I don't drink — and act selfishly like Charlie Sheen's character — anymore. I used to think that Charlie Sheen had the best thing going, getting paid outrageous money to simply be himself. Now I see that he actually had to tone it down a little. — Doug Thompson, Portland, Ore.

I watch it because it's funny. Period. Why should I care what he does on his own, well deserved time off? Who am I to say his lifestyle is wrong? I am not my brother's keeper! Let the man live his life; wrong or right, it belongs to him. — Matt Presley, Oakley, Calif.

His actual life is very close to his character on the show. He has never been a role model nor tried to portray something he isn't. He is a drug addict who likes hookers. At least he's not a Lindsay Lohan claiming innocence. He admits to his faults very openly. It doesn't bother me as long as he doesn't hurt anyone. I'm not an avid fan of the show, I'll watch it if I can't find anything else, but I won't turn away because of him. — Taylor I., Richmond, Va.

This show is the funniest show on TV. Charlie's life off the show does not make me watch it less. I will continue to watch the show as long as it is on no matter what Charlie does in his life. — Melinda Tinsky, Columbus, Ohio

Sheen's behavior makes it difficult to watch. The show is funny, but the more you know about his problems, the less I want to watch him. He's a mess. — Haley Comet, Minneapolis, Minn.

Sheen is disgusting, and the program had gotten ickier and ickier, therefore I have not watched it for the past couple of years at all. In the beginning it was hilariously funny, and good for family viewing. Now I wouldn't let my dog watch it, if I had a dog. Too bad ... Jon is very funny and has not been nearly as revolting as Sheen. Too bad for all the crew members that no one thought to have an "intervention" by cast members, and maybe help Sheen get his life together before it's too late.  — Elena Godwin, St. Louis, Mo.

I watch "Two and a Half Men" and think it is really funny and the cast of characters are great. That said, Charlie is turning into his character and to be quite honest, it is getting to be slightly disgusting. In his character you can see hope but in his real life — he is hitting rock bottom and it is not at all attractive. Would I stop watching the show if he doesn't get his act together — yes, but he will be fired way before then (if not dead from an overdose) — Barb Hamilton, Pittsfield, Maine

I stopped watching the show after the last shameful incident at the hotel with the hooker. And after, the network goes and gives him a big fat raise. He's not even funny anymore. He's just pathetic. I'm embarrassed for him. ... I'm not going to waste my time watching his "train wreck" of a life. CBS has shown it's true colors. Giving him that big raise was the same as showering him with liquor and drugs. — Jamie Lupo, West Orange, N.J.

The writers of this show offer crisp, hilarious comedy that is unmatched by any sitcom. The viewers know high-quality writing when they see it. I watch the show for the excellent scripts and verbiage that happens when all of the characters interact.  ... Charlie is cute but no one is irreplaceable. — Esther, Charleston, W.Va.

Charlie Sheen is a train wreck. I stopped watch "TAHM" a long time ago and have no desire to pick it up again. He is no longer a likeable actor or me and I do not watch shows/movies/projects done by actors I do not like. — Laura Myers, Omaha, Neb.

I got tired of this show years ago. The subject of the show was always about sex, sex and more sex. I think they should have a spin-off with Jon Cryer and Angus Jones. Forget Charlie Sheen! His problems will take years to overcome. He is in DENIAL! — Karen Thomas, Corona, Calif.

While I do not agree with his behavior, I believe he still has value as an actor/comedian. I continue to watch "Two and a Half Men" because of the healthy dose of laughter I receive after a long day at work. The wit and sarcasm of Charlie and Alan is unbeatable and the dense logic of Jake hits your funny bone with every line. — Carrine Greenhalgh

I'm will no longer be watching the show. I'm so frustrated with these celebrities that think they are so above the law and get away with "stuff." The only way they will feel any type of "punishment" for their behavior is if those of us that make them what they are don't support them. — S. Spencer, Las Vegas

I watch the show precisely because of his debauched character that we imagine is similar to real life. It is somewhat "acceptable" that he parties hard and also functions well at his job. Tens of thousands of people in America do their jobs after getting loaded the night before or the morning of. He's just in "another class" due to his riches and his appetite. — Joe S., Santa Paula, Calif.

People need to stop taking movie stars and entertainers so seriously. Is it really that important what Charlie Sheen did or didn't do with his nose and a bunch of prostitutes? Do we care that much about the mechanics that fix our cars? Or the people who tailor our clothes? Nah. Mostly just care about their product. Charlie Sheen's product is entertainment. He seems to be doing a fine job of that on and off the screen, so leave it at that.

I watch "Two and a Half Men" because it is hilarious. With all the trouble Sheen is having I just chalk it up to method acting. As for Sheen's antics putting me off, how many rocks stars would be living in the gutter right now if we didn't purchase their music or go to their concerts because of the way they lived their personal lives? I never heard anyone yell, "Let's boycott the Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin" etc. Why is a popular actor who is treated like a rock star getting this much flack? — Jim Pokorny, Garfield Heights, Ohio

No, Sheen's personal behavior, awful and sick, doesn't ruin the show for me. What ruins the show is the nasty, overly sarcastic, overly sexual innuendo-burdened plots that make me sick. I really enjoyed it in the beginning. Now it seems every plot line hits a new, lower, dirty level. I hate what the producers and writers have allowed to happen. — Rosemary Korlath, St. Paul, Minn.

I have had the thought in my head for a long time that Charlie is a woman abusing, woman using pig and have never watched his show. Other than when I catch bits when my husband is watching it. It seems that men don't seem to be as affected by his behavior as women. I think it's his attitude toward women that turns me off more than his drinking & drugging. I just can't in good conscience support that kind of behavior. My male boss and I had this conversation too, he watches the show but his wife won't because of his behavior towards women. — Andrea Beck, Des Moines, Iowa