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Sheen's Charlie Harper could face a grisly death on 'Men'

Greg Gayne / Warner Bros. / Today
Will Jon Cryer's character need to pick out a funeral suit soon?

While it hardly seems like the usual sitcom fare, “Two and a Half Men's” fall return may feature a violent send-off for Charlie Sheen’s once-beloved character, Charlie Harper.

According to TMZ, “Men’s” executive producer and Sheen’s favorite rant target, Chuck Lorre plans a final farewell from which Harper could never come back — in words, he’s as good as dead. The only detail that remains is is just how Harper meets that fate.

While the specifics of the character’s demise are said to be undecided, one scenario allegedly under consideration involves Uncle Charlie driving right off a cliff.

If that scene sounds sort of familiar to Sheen fans, it’s because the former “Men” star has lost twocars cliffside in the past, though he wasn’t driving either of them.

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