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Sheen: Kutcher's 'Men' is going to tank

Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images Contributor / Today
Charlie Sheen has a few words to say about Ashton Kutcher joining "Men."

Well that didn't take long.

Ousted "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen is speaking up about CBS and Warner Bros. hiring Ashton Kutcher to replace him on the hit sitcom. He shared some kind words about the younger actor to TMZ, saying, "Kutcher is a sweetheart and a brilliant comedic performer." Then he got a bit snarky.

"Enjoy the show, America. Enjoy seeing a 2.0 in the demo every Monday, WB," he said to the gossip site. In other words, Sheen thinks "Men's" going to lose the demographic that gave the show its huge ratings.

CBS and Warner Bros. announced the addition of Kutcher to the show in a statement on Friday. The 33-year-old actor won't be taking over Sheen's Charlie Harper role, but will instead be introduced as a new character, sources told The Hollywood Reporter. Insiders also indicated that the show is heading back into production ASAP and would be back in the fall.

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