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She put some rings on it: Simone Biles shows off her first tattoo

The Olympic superstar brought a good pal with her to get inked, then showed off the results on Instagram.
/ Source: TODAY

It's almost been a year since Simone Biles captured our hearts (and took home five gold medals) at the Summer 2016 Olympics, but clearly rings are still on her mind.

How do we know? Because the 20-year-old gymnast and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant got her first tattoo on Sunday, and let's just say it runs rings around the competition.

That's because it is the Olympic rings, done up on her right forearm.

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She didn't go alone, though: musician pal Jake Miller helped see her through the small procedure. (Biles appeared in Miller's video for "Overnight" last October.)

The pair posed for a separate photo showing off their own signature tats.

Olympic ink was a big deal down in Rio during the games, and it seemed like everyone had some kind of signature tattoo somewhere on their body. But Biles, apparently, wanted to wait.

Based on her Instagram feed, her last few days have been full of highs and lows: Her childhood pet dog Maggie passed away, and of course she's been training hard to appear on "DWTS," which returns Monday night.

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Good luck dancing up a storm, Simone! We'll be looking for your fancy footwork ... and that tattoo.

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