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Shawn Johnson: Strategically, Derek's the smartest pro on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Todd Wawrychuk / ABC / Today
"Dancing" pro Derek Hough is the brightest in the ballroom when it comes to strategy, according to all-star Shawn Johnson.

Each week, Olympian and season eight "Dancing With the Stars" champ Shawn Johnson will be sharing her experiences on "All-Stars" with The Clicker! Look for Q&As, exclusive photos and more from the gold medalist throughout the season as she competes to win her second mirror ball trophy, this time alongside pro Derek Hough.

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The Clicker: How’s your injured knee?

Shawn: It’s okay. I’m doing therapy each day trying to make it a little better.

The Clicker: It looked so scary when we saw it all swollen. Has the swelling gone down?

Shawn: Yeah. I’ve dealt with injuries for the last two years on and off. I’ve been through it all. I think I was more emotionally distraught than physically. I felt better once I got the pass from the doctor that it was just a sprain and I needed therapy.

The Clicker: How does it feel to be in fourth place with 84.5 points? Do you feel safe going into tonight?

Shawn: I know that I was happy with the dance. I think that for a “country cha cha” we did pretty well. Derek was struggling with his neck today. I was struggling with my knee. I was happy we got through.

The Clicker: Derek said he was going to do next week’s dance especially for judge Len Goodman instead of tailoring it to what the viewers might like to see, but that’s also the week there are no fan votes! The judges’ feelings will be even more vital.

Shawn: Yes, but I think any couple would do that.

The Clicker: Oh, yes. It’s a very smart, strategic move.

Shawn: Yes, strategically, Derek’s the smartest one out there.

(Note: ABC has since announced that plans have changed for next week's show. The judges will not eliminate a contestant next week. There will be a double elimination the following week with viewer votes factored in.)

The Clicker: Len doesn’t care for all the extras, but when your song has the word “tractor” in the title … well, you bring a tractor!  

Shawn: Yes, I thought bringing a tractor suited our dance (on Monday). It’s country week. The song is “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.” If we’d gone for just a traditional cha cha I don’t think that it would have gone over well. We had to spice it up and have fun…and we did!

The Clicker: The video segments featuring the dancers and the stars have been less about doing activities and more about just showing you guys talk. Which do you prefer?

Shawn: They packages capture the genuine moments we have during conversations where we just talk about things. It’s more real than if something is staged, but we are still going places. This week, we’re going to the CMAs. I’m presenting the award to best vocal group of the year. It’s a dream come true!

Catch more from Shawn on Tuesday night's "Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars" results show at 8 p.m. on ABC. And see her at the CMA Awards Thursday night at 8p.m. on the same network.

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