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Shawn Johnson: 'Anything goes' in the 'Dancing With the Stars' finals

Craig Sjodin / ABC / Today
Shawn Johnson.

Each week, Olympian and season eight "Dancing With the Stars" champ Shawn Johnson will be sharing her experiences on "All-Stars" with The Clicker! Look for Q&As, exclusive photos and more from the gold medalist throughout the season as she competes to win her second mirror ball trophy, this time alongside pro Derek Hough.

You can follow us on Twitter @TODAY_Clicker to get all the latest updates on Shawn's quest for ballroom glory. Shawn is also on Twitter @ShawnJohnson.

The Clicker:You’re going to the finals again! How do you feel?

Shawn Johnson: Good! I’m feeling really well!

The Clicker: You and you pro partner Derek Hough were by yourselves on stage first waiting to hear if you were going to the finals. Did you think that was a good sign?

Shawn: Honestly, not at all. We could have been the first ones going home. You’re up there and you know it’s only that red light separating you from going to the end.

The Clicker: How is it going to the finals with Melissa Rycroft again -- only this time it’s Kelly Monaco in place of Gilles Marini?

Shawn: It’s completely different. It means a whole new thing this time. The first time I went to the finals it was to test my abilities outside of my gymnastics. Now, it’s about coming back to see if I can go even further.

The Clicker:Host Brooke Burke-Charvet was trying to get info out of Derek during an on-air interview about what he has planned for the freestyle. And if anyone would know that Derek might already be planning something it’d be one of his former partners.

Shawn: Honestly, we haven’t talked about our routine. An hour ago, we found our song had been approved. We’re going to production (Tuesday) night to (plan) it all out.

The Clicker:The parameters regarding what can be included in this season’s freestyle sound like they’re even more open. Is it true you can bring other dancers in to the routine?

Shawn: You can pretty much do anything. You can bring in other dancers, people, lighting, staging…anything. As long as you’re still in the forefront, pretty much anything goes.

The Clicker: Are you up for anything?

Shawn: Yes! Of course! I’ve put my trust in Derek from day one and it’s going to be up to him.

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