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Shawn Colvin was close to suicide

Says she went off depression medication, began using alcohol
/ Source: The Associated Press

Singer Shawn Colvin says she was once close to suicide.

Colvin says she started formulating a plan for how to do it, and that’s what shocked her into going to seek help.

Colvin was diagnosed with depression at the age of 19. She admits she went off her medication, thinking she was cured, only to become depressed again when she was 30.

She admits to crying for long periods over nothing and trying to medicate herself with alcohol.

Colvin now is a spokeswoman for GlaxoSmithKline, which makes antidepressants. She says she would have no career if she had not gotten treatment.

She says while she wishes she didn’t have depression, she’s not embarrassed about it. She says if she can help someone else get help for it, she’s willing to tell her story.