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Shatner: I'd guest-star on 'Big Bang Theory'

How would Sheldon and Leonard on "The Big Bang Theory" react to meeting William Shatner? If it's up to Captain Kirk himself, they might get that chance.

Gus Ruelas / Today
William Shatner says he'd be happy to appear on "The Big Bang Theory."

Shatner, 82, famous for playing the original "Star Trek" captain, James T. Kirk, appeared at the Salt Lake Comic Con Friday and admitted that he'd be happy to play a part on the hit geek sitcom.

The topic came up when Shatner was appearing with another TV favorite, "Batman" star Adam West, 84. When both men were asked if they'd appear on "Big Bang Theory," West said maybe, while Shatner put the question to the audience.

"If you were me ... should I do it?" Shatner asked, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Wild cheers and applause showed that the audience heartily approved of this sci-fi geek's TV dream. "I promise you, I'm going back to L.A. tomorrow. Monday morning I'll make a call, OK?" Shatner then said.

"Star Trek" is a show much-revered by "Big Bang Theory's" main characters, and has made numerous appearances in the plot.

Shatner wouldn't be the first "Star Trek" franchise star to appear on the sitcom. Shatner's castmates Leonard Nimoy and George Takei have made cameos. And Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner and LeVar Burton, all from "Star Trek: The Next Generation," have appeared on the show.