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Sharon Stone re-creates famous 'Basic Instinct' scene for Vogue Portugal

The actress, 61, appears on a magazine cover that harkens back to one of Hollywood's most memorable moments.
/ Source: TODAY

Sharon Stone is going back to "Basic."

The actress, 61, recently did a racy photo shoot for Vogue Portugal, including one shot in which she appears to re-create the very famous scene in “Basic Instinct” in which she uncrossed her legs while being interrogated.

And while "Basic Instinct" made her one of Hollywood's hottest players, Stone, who played Catherine Tramell in the 1992 blockbuster, says she has moved on from the role and the moment that made her a sensation.

"I look at it as a scene in a movie I did 25-plus years ago," the actress, who posed topless for Vogue Portugal, said. "Other people have their own perspective."

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell in the legendary interrogation scene in "Basic Instinct."Shutterstock

In fact, Stone, who was 34 when the erotic thriller was released, is pretty much over it altogether.

“I am sick of talking about ‘Basic Instinct,’” she said. “I have so many other real accomplishments, it just seems lazy to me. There are so many other valuable things to discuss.”

Stone, who went on to reprise her role as Catherine in 2006's poorly received “Basic Instinct 2,” has managed to break away from “Basic Instinct” over the years, even earning an Oscar nomination in 1996 for “Casino.”

Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas in "Basic Instinct"
Stone with co-star Michael Douglas in "Basic Instinct."Shutterstock

Stone, now a mom of three who also posed nude in a 2015 issue of Harper's Bazaar, was one of the preeminent sex symbols of the '90s. She knows she hasn't lost a thing, although she is quick to point out that sex symbol is a far cry from sexy.

“Sexy is another thing entirely. And yes, I still know I am sexy,” she said.