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Sharon Stone Falls Victim to Jury's Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone's total recall wasn't good enough in this case.
/ Source: E!online

Sharon Stone's total recall wasn't good enough in this case.

The actress has been ordered to pay $232,000 to a man who claimed that he was severely injured while working on Stone's property when he fell through a piece of latticework into a neighbor's yard.

Stone testified this week that the wall ringing her yard has always been fronted by a chain-link fence in the spot where plaintiff Peter Krause (not the Parenthood star) said the accident occurred, but apparently a jury of her peers didn't buy it.

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"We're disappointed they did not take her testimony at face value," Stone's attorney, Jerry Popovich, told reporters after court, adding that they had not yet decided whether or not to appeal the judgment.

The jury, which deliberated for most of the day, ruled that the Sliver star was negligent in not having a fence that was up to code and sturdy enough to prevent the man's 12-foot fall.

Krause sued the star in 2008, two years after he says he suffered a knee injury that limited his employment opportunities.

"We're very relieved it's over," Krause, accompanied by his wife outside the courtroom, told reporters.

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