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Sharon Osbourne apologizes for slamming 'View' hosts

"The Talk" host Sharon Osbourne is apologizing for slamming the ladies of "The View" during her appearance on "The Arsenio Hall Show" Wednesday.

"I have to own this, I'm fully responsible for myself — some of the time," she said on "The Talk" Thursday as the audience laughed. "Unfortunately, I was inappropriate and I was trying to be funny at somebody else's expense."

But even during her apology, she made a goof, referring to targets of her verbal dig as "the ladies of 'The Talk'" until one of her co-hosts corrected her.

"See! I'm not well! I'm not responsible!" Osbourne declared after the mix-up. "I'm really just a loose cannon. Anyway, I want to apologize to Jenny (McCarthy), Sherri (Shepherd) and Whoopi (Goldberg), who are all accomplished, self-made women who have amazing careers. ... It was my irreverent behavior, and no disrespect meant."

During her "Arsenio" appearance Osbourne, when asked about the difference between "The View" and "The Talk," responded, "The situation is ... Barbara. Idolize her. Divine. She is superhuman. I love Barbara Walters. The rest can go (bleep) themselves."

When asked about Osbourne's outburst, McCarthy told "Entertainment Tonight," "Sharon and I have been friends a very long time. I love (Sharon) and I love 'The Talk.' She sent me flowers two weeks ago."