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Shannen Doherty slams reports of 'BH90210' drama: I refuse to be the 'villain'

The actress is firing back at rumors that she and her female co-stars are causing friction behind the scenes.
/ Source: TODAY

Shannen Doherty is firing back at "fabricated" reports that she's causing drama on the set of the new "Beverly Hills, 90210" revival.

The 48-year-old actress took to Instagram on Friday to say she won't be painted as the "villain" on the set of the new series, titled "BH90210."

"Being a part of tv history is an honor but it also comes with some massive backlash. There has been many stories floating around about this show and me. One of the reasons I hesitated to say yes was for this crap," Doherty wrote next to a headline about her and her female co-stars causing friction behind the scenes.

Doherty's post came a day after Variety reported that showrunner Patrick Sean Smith and several writers abruptly quit the six-episode series for unclear reasons.

Shannen Doherty
Shannen Doherty, third from right, says she won't be painted as the "villain" on the set of the "Beverly Hills, 90210" revival. The actress is firing back at reports that she and her female co-stars are trying to control the new series.FOX

The former "Charmed" star, who battled breast cancer from 2015 to 2017, said despite old gossip about her — Doherty was fired from "Beverly Hills, 90210" in 1994 after reportedly being difficult on set — she's not trying to take control of the new series.

"The only thing I’m a control freak over is my health. Trying to stay healthy and positive," she wrote. "I realized this morning, that I have a fear of doing what I love because of headlines like this. Not only because there is zero truth to it but because it lessens me and my journey, battle, experience with cancer."

"And why aren’t people held accountable for their fabricated stories?" she wondered. "I refuse to be cast in the same villain role because 'journalists' lack imagination and I certainly refuse to be cheapened as a survivor and as a woman by them."

"Yes, i am a strong woman. I have been thru hell and back. I am compassionate and caring. I’m multi faceted and not someone to be pigeon holed," she added. "I am a woman with my own story. Please stop trying to tell your wildly inaccurate, exaggerated story of me. I promise... you don’t know me."

Doherty's not the only female star from the series to refer to this week's behind-the-scenes dustup.

On Thursday, shortly after news broke about Smith and the writers quitting, Jennie Garth, 47, shared a birthday tribute to co-star Tori Spelling, 46.

"Happy birthday to my partner and best friend for life. Wow, we’ve been thru some s*#t! And today was no exception!" she wrote.