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'Shang-Chi' star Simu Liu responds to critics with stock photo from modeling days

The actor is laughing all the way to the bank after his film broke a box office record this past weekend.
/ Source: TODAY

Simu Liu just found a pretty poetic way to show his naysayers that he's getting the last laugh.

The actor stars in the new film “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” which follows Marvel's first Asian superhero, and the new release brought in more than $71 million in its first weekend in theaters. It also broke a record for a film opening over Labor Day weekend.

Meng'er Zhang and Awkwafina also star alongside Liu in "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings."Jasin Boland / Marvel Studios

The 32-year-old is on cloud nine right now, but there was a time when his critics thought the film would fail, and he had a cheeky message for them on Twitter on Monday.

The actor posted a photo of himself from back in his modeling days when he used to pose for stock images alongside the following witty caption: "Me laughing at the people who thought we’d flop."

In the shot, Liu can be seen posing with two "co-workers" as they look at a computer screen with big grins on their faces. In a similar photo from the same series, the trio seems captivated by whatever's on Liu's screen.

Checking the Companies Social Media
Who knew? Liu was a stock image model earlier on in his career.FatCamera / Getty Images

Twitter users instantly appreciated the creative post and called the actor a "legend" and "king." Many turned the photo into a meme and shared their own fun captions.

“Me, laughing at you laughing at the people who thought you'd flop,” tweeted one fan.

Some social media users also dug up other old stock photos of the actor, like this one where he looks like a total boss in a boardroom filled with fellow model co-workers.

Boardroom Presentation
Liu definitely nailed the boardroom vibe.FatCamera / Getty Images

One Twitter user took the photo and added the following caption: "me explaining to my family why i just bought my 3rd ticket *so far*."

Overall, everyone seemed pretty thrilled for the rising star and his success.

Of course, many of them were equally as shocked as we were that the actor has appeared in stock images all over the place, like this one that would make an awesome LinkedIn headshot.

Business meeting
The actor is multitalented and can also add modeling to his resume.FatCamera / Getty Images

Liu, who also starred in the show "Kim's Convenience," recently told NBC Asian America that he was excited to portray an Asian superhero and celebrate his culture.

“We have a lot of heroes. We have Asian heroes, we have Asian American heroes, men, women, of all ages, and not all of them do martial arts,” he said. “But that doesn't mean that they don't have their own arcs, their own stories, their own subtleties and nuances. And I think that's what's important.”