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Shakira: 'I have to be very careful' on 'The Voice'

Worried that her last singer in the game might be eliminated has superstar Shakira shying away from taking risks a bit.

Shakira’s a survivor … for now. With only one contestant – Sasha Allen – remaining on her team on “The Voice,” the superstar was worried that her singer would be cut this week, which would also knock Shakira out of the game. But instead, Sasha moved into the top six.

“I was prepared for the worst (Tuesday),” Shakira told TODAY.com after the results show. “Honestly, I didn't sleep (Monday) night, thinking about Sasha, the possibility that I maybe screwed up her career by making her sing a dance song.”

The Latin superstar, who said during the results show that if Sasha were to be eliminated it would be “because her coach made a mistake,” vowed to be more careful with song choices. “I have to be very careful. No more experimenting,” she said. “And it's difficult. It's virtually impossible because on this show, it's one of the key factors. ... You continuously try to help your own artist find their artistic identity and that takes experimentation, and when you experiment you have to be open to make mistakes.”

Conversely, fellow coach Adam Levine wasn’t shy in expressing his displeasure with the eliminations of Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons, both from his team. “Those two girls shouldn't have gone home,” he told TODAY.com, “but tomorrow's another day and they're both going to be fine.”

With their Tuesday ousters, he’s now in the same boat as Shakira and Usher – he has only one singer left in the game, country crooner Amber Carrington.

Despite the defeats, he’s not reconsidering his coaching approach. “If you want to have any kind of success at all, ever, in your life, you can't just constantly be making changes to cater to someone else or something else,” he explained. “I don't make compromises. I never have and I definitely never will.”

He also nixed the idea that he’s particularly focused on ending Blake Shelton’s run of “Voice” victories. “We joke around and like to make it about that, but it's not about that,” he said. “I could care less about whether I win or lose. I care much more about nurturing the talent on the show. And that's where my job begins and ends. I'm not here to do anything other than that.”

Even so, does the Maroon 5 frontman think the possibility of Blake winning three seasons in a row would make the country star even more interesting to work with?

“He won't be any worse than he always is,” Adam joked, “which is just godawful.”