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'Shake It Off' cop gives Carson Daly tips on being a sassy singing sensation

Carson Daly and Jeff Davis

Whoever's in charge of the Dover Police Department's social media department deserves a raise: The video of Master Cpl. Jeff Davis lip-syncing Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" has blown up bigger than anyone could have anticipated.

But while the idea of having a burly cop singing while driving behind the wheel of his cruiser was a brilliant one, the casting was also spot-on, too.

"I'm kind of a crazy kind of guy anyway; I like to have fun," said Davis when he spoke with TODAY's Carson Daly on Wednesday. "When they picked me, I was 100 percent for it."

The response has been tremendous: Over 20 million YouTube views since it was posted on Saturday, with thumbs up coming from likely and unlikely quarters. Swift herself tweeted out the video with a laugh:



While Daly read out a comment from the French Central Law Enforcement Office, which thanked Davis for spreading joy. "Thanks to him, in a time of trouble in the Paris area, we all greatly appreciate this moment of bliss," it read in part.

That might be the most gratifying part of this for Davis, who noted that police have not always been shown in a positive light lately. 

"For us, [to] get a little tarnish off the badge and shine it up a bit, because we've been getting a lot of ... negative publicity," he said. "Police in general [have] been getting crazy negative publicity."

So what'll happen in the future if Davis pulls someone over and they start chuckling in recognition at him?

"Maybe we'll start singing and dancing together and I'll let 'em go," laughed Davis.

Be sure to watch the TODAY clip to see Davis give Daly a few tips on being a sassy singing sensation behind the wheel! 

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