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'Sh-t Liz Lemon Says'? Now we're listening!

If you haven't come across one of the many "Sh-t 'Somebody' Says" segments popping up online these days, you might want to check your Internet connection.

"Sh-t Girls Say" started the ball rolling and has over 12 million views on YouTube. We laughed. And we laughed some more at "Sh-t Nobody Says." And we laughed at some others, and then we started to get bored and then we didn't give a sh-t what anybody says about anything. Until Liz Lemon came along.

"Sh-t Liz Lemon Says" is just a bunch of "30 Rock" clips strung together into one highlight reel. But it's a happy little reminder of how much we love Tina Fey, and why everything that comes out of her mouth is worth saying.

So now that this is out there, the rest of you can shut it down.

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