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Sexy Time Behind Bars Lands T.I. in Trouble; Tiny Walks on Drug Charge

T.I. missed Tiny a little too much and now it's gonna cost him.
/ Source: E!online

T.I. missed Tiny a little too much and now it's gonna cost him.

The rap superstar got himself tossed into solitary confinement after violating the rules of a federal penitentiary in Arkansas when he got a little too up close and personal with his missus, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, during a recent visit.

No Mercy indeed.

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T.I.'s attorney, Steve Sadow, tells E! News that Cottle stopped by during regular visiting hours to check up on her man when she did something that was out of control.

T.I. and his wife were allowed to be in the same room together but, per prison guidelines, were only allowed to kiss and hug at the beginning and end of the visit. They could also hold hands but had to have them "in plain view" at all times. When guards went to check on the pair however, they discovered them getting "frisky"--or as Tiny put it to TMZ, she made like Michael Jackson and "beat it."

As a result, their reunion was cut short and the hip-hopster, real name Clifford Harris Jr., was transferred from a low security area of the facility to a "Special Housing Unit" that restricted his freedom, confirmed his lawyer.

"The bureau doesn't utilize conjugal visits. Regular visiting hours are restricted to just social visits," a spokeswoman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons said about the antics.

While it sucks to be the 30-year-old emcee, who remains holed up for another 11 months after violating his probation in his illegal weapons case, Cottle meanwhile is a happy camper after a drug possession charge against her was dropped today.

T.I.'s wife had been facing a misdemeanor count of drug possession after she and the self-proclaimed King of the South were pulled over in L.A. back in September and cops found ecstacy on them. That bust led a federal judge in Atlanta to revoke T.I.'s probation and send him back to the Big House.

But according to Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office spokeswoman Jane Robison, that charge was dismissed after she offered proof that she completed a certified drug diversion program in Georgia, which was 24 sessions.

- Additional Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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