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‘Sex’s’ Kim Cattrall is no Samantha Jones

Kim Cattrall wants to make one thing clear: She and Sam aren’t one and the same. Speaking to The Advocate, Kim explained how some confuse her for her larger than life character.
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She’ll bring the sassy extravagance of Samantha Jones to the big screen next month when “Sex and the City: The Movie” makes its debut, but Kim Cattrall wants to make one thing clear: She and Sam aren’t one and the same. Speaking to The Advocate, Kim explained how some confuse her for her larger-than-life character.

“People book me on jobs and expect Samantha to show up.” Referring to her character in the third person, Kim told the publication, “She has a tremendous fan base.”

Conveniently, there’s one easy way to tell the two apart. It’s all in the company Kim keeps. Don’t expect to catch her enjoying a round of mojitos with Sara Jessica Parker and the rest of the “Sex” set. “If you’re spending 18 hours a day (at work), the last thing you want to do is go and have a drink with the people who you just — you just need to get away,” Kim confessed.

Another Baldwin lashes out at Stephen In March, Alec Baldwin gave little brother Stephen a public tongue-lashing over his anti-gay marriage stance. Now middle child William wants the world to know he’s firmly in Camp Alec. In an interview with Out magazine, the “Dirty Sexy Money” star discussed his politically fractured family.

“My brother Stephen does not have a political bone in his body,” William told the magazine. “He does not have any political experience or political education whatsoever. My father was a high-school history and government teacher — he was very sort of Kennedy-esque sitting around the dinner table.

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“Stephen must have been smoking dope back then, because my brother Alec took it very seriously — he went to university and studied political science and so did I. I interned on Capitol Hill; I worked on congressional staffs. But my brother Stephen becomes a Christian and the next thing you know he's stumping for Sam Brownback. And when Brownback got knocked out then he's stumping for Huckabee.”

William believes his younger sibling is playing for the spotlight when voicing his political and social views. “I think Stephen enjoys the juxtaposition of my brother Alec and me on one side and he on the other side and again the attention that might garner in the media that Baldwins are at war at the dinner table.”

Much like Alec, it’s Stephen’s take on gay marriage that upsets William the most. “I said, ‘Well if you had a choice — if you and your wife were to die and your kids were still young and you had a choice between your children being in foster care and potentially being physically and emotionally and sexually abused as opposed to being adopted by a loving, healthy, caring lesbian or gay couple, what would you rather have?’ He couldn't really answer, and I said, ‘Thank God Dad isn't here on this earth right now, because he would be so devastated and so horrified.’”

Dish on the fly
Is the Hollywood baby boom rubbing off on Paula Adbul? “I absolutely would adopt!” the “American Idol” judge told In Touch. “Kids aren’t asked to be born into this world, and I’m such a maternal person, I would have thought of adopting even if I could have my own.” … The “Gastineau Girls” are ready to go their separate ways. The New York Post’s Page Six reports Lisa Gastineau is in talks for her own “cougar-esque” venture, and daughter Brittny is ready to spread her reality wings, too. A spywitness at L.A.’s Four Seasons Hotel overheard Brittny dishing the details to MTV’s Tony DiSanto. “She was complaining that she can't find a good man, so maybe it'll follow her search for a boyfriend,” the snitch revealed.

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